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A Customer-Centric Approach to ManufacturingWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Nick Norris  Mirroring the wider Group’s ability to overcome country and regional challenges, H&R South Africa is continuing its cross-border expansion plans to spread the availability, market knowledge and reach of its products across the personal care, woodboard and construction, packaging, rubber and plastics, electrical and communication cable industries.The continent’s economic development has been the catalyst for H&R South Africa’s growth in the past decade; leveraging the wider German roots of the H&R Group and its ‘doing things right first time’ ethos to manufacture the right products at the right quality in response to changing customer needs.Formerly established in 2004 as a result of a strategic acquisition that marked a major milestone in H&R’s international business prospects, H&R South Africa has fostered organic Company growth by matching its own expertise with the best opportunities the continent has to offer.Recognising that Africa presents its fair set of challenges, Regional General Manager, Clive Wood says that differentiation and being attentive towards the value-add are two ways in which the Company can become further ingrained in, and contribute to, the local economy.“Investing in local people and strengthening our local partnerships by forming relationships on the ground are two key focus areas that have driven H&R South Africa to a new level in its development. We are firmly focused on ways to expand the business the H&R way, by complementing our internal continuous improvements with a broader range of products at the right price point and quality to match our full service offering,” he affirms.Tailored