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Kenya’s Prince of Paints  Crown Paints PLC has been producing quality paint products for more than 60 years, establishing itself as the go-to supplier for the full spectrum of consumer and commercial customers   Writer: Tom Wadlow  |  Project Manager: Callam Waller  The demand for paints and coatings around the world is showing no signs of slowing down.   According to research firm Statista, 2017 saw the industry generate more than $160 billion in sales, this figure set to rise to almost $210 billion in 2022 and over $232 billion by 2027.   And it is easy to see why, given the wide range of use cases. From automotive paints and architectural coatings to solutions for industrial premises and the individual DIY enthusiast, the need for quality, durable and sustainable products in this chemicals subcategory is more important than ever.   In Kenya, national mainstay Crown Paints PLC is growing alongside the global industry curve.   According to its latest annual report, the year 2018 saw revenues increase by 13 percent to 8.3 billion Kenyan shillings (approximately $80 million).   Citing promising GDP growth in his Chairman’s Statement, Mhamud Charania explained how last year provided an optimistic backdrop from which the company was able to grow its activities.   “The business environment improved as political stability and business confidence returned, thus leading to a better output from the real estate and manufacturing sectors,” he wrote. “The exchange rate during 2018 showed better stability than in 2017 which was of benefit to our company, taking into consideration that up to 65 percent of our raw materials are imported.”  Six decades of servitude   Although the Chairman admits 2018 was a mixed year, with its

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A Splash of Colour in the Manufacturing world Impressive paint manufacturer reports a 15% increase in profitability Writer Rebecca Wigmore Project manager Tom Cullum If there's one lesson to be derived from the Crown Paints business model, it's that even when you're at the top of your industry, it's not the time to rest of your laurels. The Kenya-based paint manufacturer has an impressive pedigree: number one in Kenya, with an annual turnover of over 4.4 billion Kenyan shillings and, in May 2013, the company was pleased to report a 15% increase in profitability. This increase was attributed to an overall increase in operations efficiency and a burgeoning interest in Crown's premium product line. Its little wonder that the Crown brand is so respected - the company which was grown out of the UK-based Crown Paints' worldwide expansion, has been synonymous with high quality paint products for over 200 years and holds a royal warrant. The knowledge that even the Queen of England uses your product might cause some manufacturers to relax, but as Crown Kenya CEO Rakesh Rao knows, staying at the top involves a sustained commitment to both quality and innovation. In addition, paint manufacturing in Kenya involves challenges specific to the African economic landscape. However, as Rao explains, there's been a significant upturn in the business: "I think that there have been a lot of concessions made in our industry, especially considering the economy and political situation. But it's moving in the right direction which is why the industry has been able to

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