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Cash Converters South Africa : Open for Business

Cash Converters continues to create sustainable wealth for its franchisees, the second-hand retail brand determined to keep the regional economy moving through challenging times.

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Cash Converters : The Supersonic Age of Second Hand Retail

Cash Converters Southern Africa is not only expanding its family of franchisees, but also equipping them with the digital tools required to run successful, modern businesses. THE SUPERSONIC AGE OF SECOND HAND RETAIL The trading of used goods has been a cornerstone of commercial activity throughout human history.    An economical way of acquiring essential items, be it clothing, tools, gadgets and almost anything in between, the second-hand retail industry has become a mainstream alternative to buying new.    However, while the rise of established second-hand trading has enabled consumers to live more economically, it has also carried with it some unwelcome reputational stereotypes.    Issues of trust, wheeler-dealing and sleazy salesmanship are all tags that are commonly associated with this realm of retail, but organisations like Cash Converters have built themselves up by offering a fresh way of doing business.    “Our group founder Brian Cumins describes it as taking the sector out of the steam-driven era and propelling it into the supersonic age,” explains Richard Mukheibir, CEO of Cash Converters Southern Africa.       “It was about mainstreaming the industry and making the average consumer in the street comfortable with the brand and its professional approach to second-hand retail.”   Mukheibir established the South African wing of the business in 1994 after flying over to Perth to meet with Cumins.     It was a time of tremendous change in the country. Nelson Mandela, having been released from prison in 1990, won the landmark democratic election of May 1994 and swore in a new post-apartheid

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