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Nigeria's Leaders in Tabacco BAT Nigeria are well on their way to sustaining the lead in product innovation and quality initiatives in tobacco products, whilst retaining brand loyalty Writers Emily Jarvis Project Manager Callum Philp British American tobacco (BAT Nigeria) limited is a fully owned subsidiary of the British American tobacco group. The company has had an operational presence in Nigeria since 1912. At this time as a group, they held a 60% shareholding value in the Nigerian tobacco Company (NTC) while a 40% shareholding value was held by the Nigerian government. By 1978, there were three operating factories located at Ibadan, Port-Harcourt and Zaria. British American tobacco is a global tobacco group with brands sold in more than 200 markets; few companies founded in 1902 are still going from strength to strength. Fewer still are leaders in more than 60 markets, and with one billion adult smokers around the world, Bat manufacture the cigarettes chosen by one in eight of them. "We take our business and our impact very seriously. We know the tobacco industry is a controversial one, and so it's all the more important that we act responsibly, from the crop right through to the consumer." The domestic industry in Nigeria experienced a decline when an influx of illicit trade and the deteriorating infrastructure created an uncertain business environment and investment slowed. This led to closures of Port Harcourt and Ibadan factories and a downscaling of the Zaria operations. The election of the 1999 civilian administration brought a renewed focus on Foreign Direct