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Latest Barclays Corporate Stories

Barclays Bank Tanzania : Typifying Tanzania’s Trajectory 

A company that incites financial innovation and socioeconomic development, Barclays Bank Tanzania is gearing up for a new, exciting chapter in its already illustrious history.

Barclays Africa Commercial Property Finance : Open for Business

Following the global economic decline over the past decade, many analysts have forecasted a South African exit for the leading financial players, but this is certainly not true of Barclays Africa, with its commercial property division as focused as ever on continental development.

Barclays Bank Tanzania Ltd : Growth and Prosperity

As one of the world’s most renowned financial operators, Barclays Bank is a market leader across all of its key parameters in Tanzania.

Barclays Bank of Kenya : Kenya’s Go-To Bank

Barclays Bank of Kenya is on the verge of celebrating its 100th birthday, commemorating  the occasion with a host of new services and digital upgrades to bring prosperity to an ever-growing customer base.