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Hutz Medical has become synonymous with high quality hospital equipment and is aiming to take advantage of growth opportunities at home in South Africa and across the African continent.


Hutz Medical specialises in the manufacture of high-tech medical service supply systems, commonly known as Bedhead Trunking, Ceiling Mounted Pendants, that falls under the fixed capital equipment requirements in the construction and refurbishment of all Hospitals. With over 40 years of experience, Hutz offers “specialised solutions to suit customer requirements”, says Julian Hutz, the company’s Sales and Marketing Director.

“Our products are known for their innovative, modern and aesthetic designs which are underpinned by practical technology; therefore they are dependable and durable,” he explains. “The Hutz range of hospital equipment has been developed in consultation with healthcare professionals. This enabled us to create a range of user-friendly equipment, tailored to the care giver.

“Our products play an important role in the design of new medical facilities and the upgrade of existing ones, helping hospital staff to deliver high standards of care. We understand the needs of the industry and this is reflected in the equipment we produce.”

The Hutz range of products includes various medical services supply units, operating theatre ceiling pendants, technical panels/walls, high care and intensive care ceiling pendants, medical lighting, as well as x-ray viewing screens and attachments.

According to Mr Hutz, this is “an exciting time” to be involved in the medical industry.

“There are plenty of opportunities for companies like us,” he says. “A big development has to be the proposed national health system that will have a major impact on the industry. It has great potential; however, the introduction of the scheme seems likely to be somewhat slow. They are looking at a delivery model that will serve the community, from the ground up, building education foundations that will lead to a healthy future for the nation.”

Opportunities also exist in the greater African market. The Hutz range of products is ideally suited for the African market; they are robust, reliable and durable.

“Hutz has a strong history of working in Africa – in Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho, and further afield,” says Mr Hutz. “We have worked on numerous projects in several countries – mainly our neighbours in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Lesotho. We have also worked on projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.”

Hutz Medical, forms part of the Hutz Group of Companies, founded by German entrepreneur and designer, Wolfgang Hutz. In 1970 he started manufacturing a range of high-tech lighting equipment in a small Port Elizabeth based factory and, from the very outset, sought to attain the very highest levels of quality. He also believed that business success could only be achieved through the production of superior products. After considerable research and development – and some 15 years later – hospital equipment was added to the product range. “The high standards of quality, safety and hygiene required for hospital products made it the logical choice for expansion and diversification,” Hutz says. “This move was so successful that by the mid 1990s that the company became a dedicated manufacturer of hospital products.”

In 1999 the Hutz Group of Companies was formed. It is comprised of Hutz Lighting Technique (Pty) Ltd., the administrative, marketing and distribution platform for the group and Hospi-tec (Pty) Ltd., the manufacturing arm with the focus on high quality precision production, training and research and development.

The company has not looked back since.

“Our goal is to visit hospitals, understand what is needed and deliver a customised solution,” Mr Hutz explains. “We build strong relationships with our clients and have one-on-one conversations with the end users thereby ensuring that they get exactly what they require – be that a customisable product or a standard product that suits them in the long run and makes their running of projects more efficient.

“In a recent customer survey that was done through an independent marketing company, our clients ranked our service and quality as our greatest asset. We are a German-owned company that produces proudly South African products and, according to the survey, more than 66 percent of our customers recommended our products to other professionals in the healthcare industry during the last two years. Also, 99 percent of our customers believe that we have superior and high quality products, thus emphasing that we are a preferred supplier in our field.”

Hutz is a company that builds on the principle of continues improvement and is constantly moving towards greater heights.

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By Eddie Clinton Senior Head of Projects