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Editorial Team

Through its unique culture and an innovative approach, Harel Mallac Technologies is expertly promoting technological progression on a broad scale.


2018 has signified an acceleration of the fourth industrial revolution across the African continent.

The past 10 months have seen Uber pledge $20 million towards an operational expansion in Cairo, Microsoft announce plans to open two new data centres in South Africa, and Facebook unveil its hopes of laying 500 miles of fibre cable in Uganda.

This growing technological presence is testament to the expanding regional opportunity, driven by rising innovation and a readiness from local firms to adopt new technologies.

According to reports, nine in 10 businesses in South Africa revealed that they had increased their cloud budgets last year, whilst 94 percent of firms in Nigeria and 98 percent of companies in Kenya stated that they would be raising their cloud expenditures through 2018.

With digitisation posing as a complex challenge for many companies, service providers are set to play an increasingly crucial role in facilitating operational transformation throughout African businesses – a position that Harel Mallac Technologies is thriving within.


Founded in 1988 as Harel Mallac Computers, later renamed Harel Mallac Technologies in 2004, the Company has established itself as a leading regional technology integrator.

The firm specialises in the three key verticals of IT infrastructure, automation and cloud technologies, enabling the implementation of key solutions to its clientele across a diverse variety of industries.

“As a subsidiary of Harel Mallac Group, Harel Mallac Technologies has a 30-year proven track record of riding on the cusp of innovation and expertise in the realm of information technology,” says Shateeaum Sewpaul, the Company’s General Manager.

“We are proud to say that we have a strong backbone of expertise, encompassing a wide and comprehensive range of solutions that address the needs of all organisations, no matter the size or task.”

With a physical presence in Mauritius, Rwanda, Burundi and Madagascar and an established network of partners across various other specific African territories, Harel Mallac Technologies has become a renowned regional brand, operating directly within a number of different locations.

Such stature is reflected in the number of high-profile projects that the Company has been involved with, working for the National Assembly of Mauritius, the country’s airports and the region’s banking and financial players on a multitude of different initiatives.

Further, the Company is regularly named alongside some of the world’s leading technology brands, partnering with the likes of Oracle, Avaya, Bosch and Lenovo, amongst others.


These partnerships, alongside other internal and external methods, are vital in enabling the Company’s continual progression.

Sewpaul explains: “We have looked to accelerate our own transformation in a range of ways, from market developments to these partnerships to acquisitions throughout Africa.

“Similarly, we have been enhancing our culture to ensure that we pursue business excellence whilst simultaneously focusing on improving our management of talents.”

This is reinforced by the emphasis placed on employee development at the Company, reflected by the investments made into an incubator that allows young talent and experts to research and develop new technologies whilst leveraging Harel Mallac Technologies’ unique design thinking methodology.

“We are constantly encouraging our staff to expand their skillsets and have recently invested in the latest tools and cloud solutions, allowing internal creativity to thrive,” Sewpaul adds.

This development ethos is no better reflected than by Harel Mallac Technologies’ willingness to adapt, proactively aligning its offerings with key trends and changes in the market to ensure that it maintains the best possible customer experience.

Such has led to the Company working with numerous emerging technologies including the internet of things, automation, AI, fintech, blockchain and cybersecurity.

“We ensure we take an innovative co-creation approach and design thinking process in all of our work, where customer experience remains the focal point of our business.”


It is this culture, geared to address the changing demands of its customers and the industry, that truly differentiates Harel Mallac Technologies.

“We offer fully-integrated technologies and solutions adapted to specific environments, with our team of quality and experienced specialists delivering reliable and sustainable performances,” says Sewpaul.

“Under our corporate umbrella, we foster innovation, allow talent to flourish, facilitate research and development, and continually work towards creating the next big idea.

“Agility, flexibility and innovation are all part of our DNA.”

Moving forward, Sewpaul hopes that the Company will continue to display these same characteristics that have been so effective in bolstering the Company’s esteemed reputation to date.

He concludes: “We are establishing ourselves as the digital partner of reference for effective business transformation, customer experience and sustainable growth.

“Ultimately, we will remain focused on transforming customer experience, transforming operational processes and transforming our customers business models.”

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