Orange, the Global Fund partner up to tackle Africa’s healthcare challenges

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

The Global Fund and Orange have signed a partnership deal to develop innovative e-health solutions to reduce the prevalence of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa. Using Orange mobile technology, the partnership will improve the quality of and access to healthcare via a digital platform that strengthens the link between healthcare professionals and patients.

“Mobile technology and digital innovations can have a considerable impact on improving the quality of care”, explains Bruno Mettling, Chairman of Orange Africa and the Middle East. “We are currently working with the Global Fund and the Ministries of Health to implement innovative m-health platforms that can be used to follow patients remotely, while providing healthcare workers with all the information they need to make the right decisions and offer quality healthcare to all patients.”  

“I am delighted to see Orange unite with the Global Fund to speed up the fight against these epidemics. Using the enormous potential of mobile technology, our partners in the target countries can reinforce their information systems and ensure broader access to healthcare services. Medical staff can develop more direct links with patients and ensure treatment is followed correctly, which is essential in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria”, explains Peter Sands, Executive Director of the Global Fund.

In association with the Ministry of Health in Morocco – the first country to benefit from the partnership – a digital platform for healthcare professionals will be set up by the end of December 2019 to monitor patients with HIV and tuberculosis. Adherence to treatment is vital to prevent the spread of these epidemics and the emergence of resistance to medication.

The partnership between the Global Fund and Orange will be extended in 2020 to other African countries including the Ivory Coast, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burkina Faso. The digital solutions developed by Orange can also be applied to other e-health fields, including stock management of medication, prevention, and data collection, which is vital to understand and guide healthcare policy.

In a joint investment of $5 million with the Global Fund over the next three years, Orange will make a contribution in kind worth $2.5 million. The partnership will gradually be extended to support e-health innovation in Africa and overcome the hurdles that prevent access to healthcare services such as, for example, the use of drones to deliver medication and medical analyses to remote healthcare centres that are difficult to access.

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