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Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital : Devoted to East-African Healthcare

As the largest private hospital in East and Central Africa dedicated exclusively to the care of children, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital is continuing on its quest to provide award-winning, world-class healthcare.

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital 2014

Unparalleled Specialists in Children’s healthcare   A year on and Gerties continues its adventure, expanding its ever-growing reach across Kenya with the advent of outpatient clinics   Writer Emily Jarvis  Project Manager Serge Utting   Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital is the largest hospital in East and Central Africa that is dedicated exclusively to the care of children. For over 65 years, the hospital has provided high standards of paediatric care for children right from birth to 21 years of age. CEO Gordon Odundo’s care and devotion to providing the best service possible to the country’s children is mirrored in the unparalleled level of care the hospital provides. I previously spoke to Gordon in issue 11 of Africa Outlook and in just twelve short months, the organisation has derived great success from the opening of the Chandaria Medical Centre (opened in November 2013), and its new ventures into developing outpatient clinics across the country. “As a result of the rise in bed occupancy numbers that we have seen this year – from 60 to 71 percent – we have diversified our offering by increasing our number of outpatient clinics, which means that ultimately, we can reach more people,” says the CEO. “The growth in bed occupancy numbers can be attributed to the opening of a surgical ward in the Chandaria wing. We set this up to iron out the processes involved in getting our patients prepped for theatre, and our doctors and nurses are very happy with the efficiencies this brings to the hospital.” The hospital, which is affectionately nicknamed ‘Gerties’,

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital

Gertie's new adventure The devoted CEO of Gertrude's Children's Hospital talks about how they put patients at the forefront of what they do. Writer Emily Jarvis Project manager Eddie Clinton Gertrude's Children's Hospital was founded in 1947, with the donation of land by Colonel Ewart Grogan, pioneer extraordinaire, in memory of his beloved wife, Gertrude Edith. Now fronted by CEO Gordon Odundo, the hospital continues to expand its services. As the years have passed, Gertrude's Children's Hospital has become more and more of a 'giving' hospital. it has won prestigious awards for its Corporate social responsibility (CSR). Gertrude's from the beginning was and will always be a simple hospital: it now has completed the full circle by becoming a place of hope for sick children who have no expectations elsewhere. Mr Odundo explains: "People all over the world find it difficult to find a model that can sustain children's health because children are dependent on adults to pay for their upkeep, they don't have an income, so the health system doesn't readily support children's hospitals as financial and viable projects." Gertrude's use reliable local suppliers from Kenya of the all important hospital equipment, who deal with reputable brands, as Odundo justifies: "By using suppliers that have the distributorship and the sole rights to their equipment and medicines, we are able to find maintenance contracts and equipment to ensure our supplies will be on time. We avoid difficulties with passing things through the port, meaning our items are delivered to us on site accordingly." The Benefits of