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The Engine of Africa Cummins South Africa serves the varied needs of its customers with world class coolant, filtration and fuel additive products Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Arron Rampling Cummins SA design and manufacture industry leading and innovative filtration and air intake products for diesel engines and gas powered equipment in sub-Saharan Africa. Formally established back in 2010, Cummins SA is the African operation of Cummins Inc., who since 1946 have had a footprint on the continent and launched its first African manufacturing plant for filtration services in 1998. Since that time, the company has built a stellar reputation in pioneering technology and first class aftermarket support and service. From their headquarters in Kelvin, Johannesburg, Cummins has expanded to include approved dealers in Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia and employ over 1,000 staff directly and 3,000 indirectly. On the back of this expansion and development in Africa, the Johannesburg office has become the nucleus for the African operations with the company having additional subsidiary companies in Botswana and Zambia. Products for the Markets Diesel engines and generators play a vital role in various African markets, ranging from off-road trucks to cell tower power generation. However, the engines, while sturdy and built to last, are no match for Mother Nature and on a continent with a very diverse and demanding topography, ensuring that those engines remain in running smoothly is imperative. Two of the biggest problems for engines on the continent are remaining at optimum running temperature during the day and ensuring dust, sand