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ZMET Technology and Projects : Going for Gold

AZMET Technology’s unique business model and equally unique market positioning is taking it beyond Africa, as the award-winning Company looks to new regions and new opportunities

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Azmet Technology and Projects (PTY) Ltd

Valuable Solutions for a Volatile MarketWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Arron Rampling  Entering a volatile and slow-moving mining, resources and engineering market over the past few years would have been no mean feat for any prospective start-up, but for AZMET Technology, its vast and rapid success has derived from entering the industry with specific solutions to said challenges as its actual business model.A professional engineering and project management Company, AZMET Technology and Projects (Pty) Ltd has only been in operation since March, 2014 but has thrived as a consequence of its pinpoint strategy to counter what has become a prolonged and increasingly problematic industry slowdown in Africa.“Founded in March, 2014 and introduced into a market that is facing an economic crisis; future growth could only be obtained to strive for excellence through dedication, motivation and technology innovation,” enforces the Company’s Marketing Director, Ruan Kukard.“AZMET’s vision is to add value to its clients during this current global recession of budget cuts and long-term stoppages on capital projects. This outlook has led to the development of numerous innovative and cost-effective products and processes that have positively impacted on operating expenditure (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) for Greenfield and Brownfield projects, converting uneconomical projects into viable projects.”Managed by four directors with more than 60 years’ collective experience, bringing to the table more than 18 execution projects and 38 project studies - across 14 countries - the subsequent scope and flexibility of services and products that the Company can deliver the grateful metallurgical and mining sectors are comprehensive to say the least.“Being flexible and

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