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Alexander Forbes Botswana : Providing Financial Wellbeing

Alexander Forbes continues to impart financial and social benefit to the people of Botswana through a customer-centric approach, diversified products and extensive social responsibility initiatives.

Alexander Forbes Botswana : Fundamentally Transforming Finance

Emphasising financial well-being, Alexander Forbes Botswana is acting as a key proponent of inclusion, innovation and modernisation.

Alexander Forbes Kenya

Proudly Serving KenyaWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Callum PhilpWorking in response to a higher purpose on an international scale, Alexander Forbes Group has long been renowned for providing an impactful range of financial services with client enrichment in mind, and its role in Kenya continues to epitomise such an ethos.With the Group headquartered in South Africa, Alexander Forbes’ Kenyan operations may seem like a replication of the established global model when analysing its concerted range of consultancy and administration services and solutions, but has made a name for itself on a local level as a result of its pioneering market-driven solutions and commitment to corporate social responsibility.Working in the financial services, investment and risk sectors and serving individual, corporate, state, parastatal and SME clients; the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sundeep Raichura believes that the Company is “at the forefront in the products and services we offer in East and Central Africa and have earned a reputation in providing cutting-edge services in this region and creating benchmark standards aspired to by an entire industry”.He continues: “We have a proven track record and a capable leadership team that encompasses diverse talent, skills and vast experience packaged together to provide a service offering that is without peer in the Kenyan market.”Consequently making huge gains in market share across its entire customer demographic over its tenure in Kenya, Alexander Forbes’ success is attributed largely to its core motto - SERVE - which ensures a consistent and impactful service driven from leadership and emanating across all areas of the business.Raichura explains: “The ‘SERVE’