Boxmore Packaging : Set Apart by Innovation and Technology

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Boxmore Packaging is one of South Africa’s most diverse players plastic packaging, supplying bottles, plastic containers, jars and closures to the beverage, pharmaceutical, home care and personal care industries for the past 20 years.


A South African owned and operated company since1995, Boxmore has strategically positioned its operations – with manufacturing facilities in Harrismith, Johannesburg and Cape Town – so as to be in the best geographic location possible to service the local market with an ever-increasing array of products.

“Our manufacturing footprint puts us in the ideal position to supply not only South Africa, but the region as a whole,” the Company added.

Complimented by PET pre-form production facilities in Port Louis, Mauritius and Lusaka, Zambia, Boxmore has a significant export business that qualifies under a number of regional trade groups including SADC, COI and COMESA. From advising on the design and manufacture of PET bottles, recommending the most suitable solution from its range of pre-forms and closures, or developing a customised solution for home and personal care, Boxmore displays unrivalled expertise in the African packaging industry.

“In support of this, globally recognised companies such as Husky, Kortec, Sidel, Engel, Aioki, CSI (Closure Systems International) and Andre Zalkin are all important partners who provide us with the latest technological capabilities in the manufacture of packaging. For example, our Boxmore Plastics division has become internationally renowned for the development of multi-layer barrier solutions, including overseeing the first commercial production of recyclable Poly Glycolic (PGA) barrier pre-forms,” said the Company.

Although based in South Africa, Boxmore Packaging is clearly focussed on meeting the needs of its growing customer base across the African continent and Indian Ocean islands.


Best known for setting the industry standard in PET products, Boxmore has, through recent strategic acquisitions, cemented its position as an end-to-end provider of almost any rigid plastic packaging requirement, taking on projects and products from “pencil to production” and “from our factories to yours”. The first of these acquisitions saw the creation of Boxmore Plastic Closures in 2012, previously a division of South African-owned and managed MCG Industries; and the second was the creation of Boxmore Speciality Plastics, previously Lapack, a packaging company based in Germany.

“From the Cape to Cairo, we have the products, packaging and expertise to make your packaging solution happen,” affirmed the Company.

These two divisions are closely intertwined with Boxmore Plastics South Africa, with an even spread of knowledgeable and fully qualified teams who can advise customers on the most suitable packaging solution in order to produce a tailored packaging solution.

“Since inception, we have been of service to companies large and small, and have worked alongside brands such as Appletiser, Coca Cola, Valpre, Aquelle, Powerade, Loreal, Johnson & Johnson, Adcock Ingram and Smirnoff. So if you are looking for more from a packaging company, more is what you’ll get from Boxmore,” said the Company.


As part of its extended producer responsibilities, Boxmore has placed a firm focus on contributing to the growth of plastics recycling. “We play a fundamental role in the promotion of recycling in South Africa, taking part in industry initiatives such as PETCO and POLYCO. In addition, we voluntarily contribute to organisations that are focused on stimulating and establishing sustainable recycling initiatives,” commented the Company. With a comprehensive education and awareness programme, Boxmore is working closely with others in the industry to develop end uses for recycled content while making sure that all of its products are recyclable by establishing guidelines for recycled product quality.

“By enabling the recycling process, we create employment, add to domestic economic growth, reduce our reliance on virgin PET and divert hundreds of thousands of bottles destined for the landfill,” the Company further added.

Recycling of plastics is a welcome practice in South Africa that contributes towards green sustainability targets, and Boxmore’s early-adoption and promotion of this practice demonstrates its long-term dedication to the environment in which it operates. “Throughout our organisation is the ethos that quality and service are products of both world-class people and state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, matching product and application is essential for our growth and proves our ability to develop new products, enhancing our reputation further in South Africa and beyond,” the Company concluded.

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