Issue 56

Athena Properties : Redefining Lifestyles

Athena Properties has enjoyed extensive growth over the past two years, matching the success of its renowned mixed-use developments with its own strategic development in East Africa.

Shayona Cement Corporation : Cementing the Future

For the best part of 25 years, Shayona Cement Corporation has stayed true to its vision of realising the development potential of its native Malawi.

Hooper and Louw Construction : Hands-on Project Management

Hooper and Louw Construction is recognised for its fearlessness in the rebuilding of Mozambique’s construction industry over the past 28 years.

Thika Greens : Golf City

Thika Greens is creating a new wave of residential living, complete with a three-phase vision to expand its services and achieve the perfect golfing retreat.

Kaizen Refractories : Quality of Service

Living up to its name, Kaizen Refractories is meeting continuous improvement with quality service and customer satisfaction to engineer a route to the top of the iron manufacturing industry.

Impala Glass Industries : Glass that Spells Class

Impala Glass Industries possesses both the industry experience and skill to retain a leading position in the industry across East and Central Africa, developing a reputation that has made it a household name.

Wema Bank : With You All the Way

Since returning as a national institution in 2015, Wema Bank has looked to recapture the proud heritage of a business that has brought economic stability and innovation to Nigeria for the past seven decades.

Kifiya Financial Technology : Single Window Service

Kifiya Financial Technology PLC is working to build upon the digital finance options available to locals.

Awash Insurance Company : Future, Growth and Prosperity

Awash Insurance Company is paving the way for insurers in Ethiopia and further afield, utilising consumer opinion to develop new industry-leading products.

PJ Dave Group : Ahead of the Best

‘A rose for every emotion’ is the culmination of the efforts of PJ Dave Group over the years; optimising the best natural resources and industry expertise that Kenya can offer before distributing its resultant products on a global scale.

Philafrica Foods : Food Across Africa

The three-pronged strategy of Philafrica Foods is set to capitalise on African agricultural opportunity by reducing imports and increasing exports; enriching hundreds of thousands of local farmers in the process.

PW Mining Ghana : Your Engineering Partner in Africa

PW Ghana is part of a long established group of companies working to invest in African mining and construction, delivering a safe and respected service in the country and further afield.