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Why Africa Remains a Rewarding Destination for Investment 

Babs Ogundeyi, Group CEO and Founder of Kuda Technologies, discusses the continent’s funding potential and opportunities for a growing tech-savvy population.

AstraZeneca : Optimising Kenya’s Reforestation

With a commitment to planting and maintaining up to six million trees in Kenya, AstraZeneca is harnessing the deep learning capabilities of artificial intelligence to ensure the trees’ long-term growth and facilitate far-reaching health benefits for local communities. Deepak Arora, African Cluster President, tells us more.

Lubanzi Wines : Sustainably Crafted

Hailing from South Africa’s rugged Swartland, Lubanzi Wines is a socially conscious producer that endeavours to serve as a powerful force for good. We find out more with co-Founder, Charlie Brain.

Africa Day at COP28 : Green Growth in Africa

The annual COP summit has become a symbolic gathering of heads of state from across the globe. Coinciding with Africa Day, the continent’s leadership seeks to award Africa a voice at one of the world’s largest sustainability conferences.

What advice would you give to someone considering entering your industry?

We like to round up each issue by giving featured business leaders the final word. In issue 105 we asked, “What advice would you give to someone considering entering your industry?”

CloudSmiths : Forge the Future

For over a decade, CloudSmiths has been helping businesses to get the most from the cloud. CEO and Founder, Jason Timm, discusses the company’s heavy investment in Generative AI.

The Smart Cube : The Cocoa Challenge

Speaking to Nidhi Jain, Commodity Specialist at The Smart Cube, we discuss how tight cocoa supplies in West Africa are impacting the cocoa supply chain, as well as the effect it is having on food production and prices.

What does good leadership look like to you?

In the latest issue we gave featured business leaders the following question:, “What does good leadership look like to you?”

Access Bank : The Future of Empowered Banking

We speak to Emmanuel Morka, CIO of Access Bank, about how modern banking is making a difference in the lives of those in the community

AfroCentric Group : Healthier Together

We speak to Sandile Mbele, Executive Director at AfroCentric Group, about pioneering affordable and quality healthcare throughout Africa.