'The Boss' pays tribute to Mandela

‘The Boss’ pays tribute to Mandela

US rock legend Bruce Springsteen is currently playing his first tour in South Africa, where he paid tribute to the recent passing of Nelson Mandela with a rendition of protest song 'Free Nelson Mandela'.

The tribute was incredibly well-received by the audience at Cape Town on the opening night. The singer spoke of his admiration for South Africa's first democratically elected president, saying how honoured he felt to have just "been alive on this Earth at the same time".

Springsteen told Sky News that although he never met the African-legend, but he was inspired by Mandela's ability to forgive those who jailed him for 27 years.

The artist has always fought against South Africa's apartheid laws, participating in the recording of the song 'Sun City' in 1985 to highlight the injustice of the whites-only resort. This raised tens of thousands of US dollars for anti-apartheid projects, in addition to increase awareness of the issue among Americans.

The singer emphasised that both Africa and America have their own economic challenges and inequalities to overcome. He said: "...these issues have to be resolved. Otherwise societies fall apart. It's very critical in the States and very critical here (South Africa) to keep societies intact."