Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan rejects Boko Haram amnesty call

Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan has told reporters his government cannot grant an amnesty to militant Islamist group Boko Haram because it is not known who its members are or what they want, describing them as "ghosts", operating under a "veil".

Muslim leader the Sultan of Sokoto recently suggested that Boko Haram members should be offered an amnesty similar to that given to militants in the Niger Delta in 2009.

Mr Jonathan (pictured) was on his first official visit to Borno and Yobe.

"You cannot declare amnesty for ghosts, Boko Haram are still operating as ghosts, you don't see the person," he said in the city of Maiduguri, in Borno state. "You cannot declare amnesty for people that are operating under a veil so we can't even discuss the issue of amnesty. Let them come, let them tell us their problems."

He said Boko Haram should make itself visible and make clear what it wanted.

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