Kenya election results delayed by technical difficulties

The results of Kenya's presidential election have been delayed due to a technical fault.

According to reports, there are problems with the electronic systems being used in the polls for the first time.

On Wednesday officials revealed provisional results from more than 40 percent of polling stations. They showed that Kenya's Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta had established a large lead over rival and current Prime Minister Raila Odinga (pictured).

Mr Kenyatta 53 percent of the vote compared with Mr Odinga 's 42 percent.

The IEBC has strongly maintained that these are not the final results and have urged patience.

Meanwhile, a row has broken out in Kenya over whether rejected ballots should be included in the in the vote count, with the coalition of candidate Kenyatta accusing the UK of playing a "shadowy" role by trying to deny him outright victory in Monday's vote.

In 2007-8, hundreds of people were killed in post-election violence after clashes broke out when Odinga claimed he had been cheated of victory by supporters of President Mwai Kibaki.

Mr Kenyatta stands accused of organising the 2007-8 bloodshed and is facing charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

His trial starts in July.

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