Philips’ Cape Town to Cairo Roadshow Back for Sixth Year

On Monday 11 May, Philips will embark on its sixth annual journey across the African continent, covering 12,000km, 11 cities and eight countries over a period of four and a half months. 

The Roadshow has gained significant momentum over the past five years, and as a result Philips has got to the very heart of some of the key issues facing Africa. Once again, the Roadshow will continue to listen to the markets and focus on advancing healthcare and energy efficient lighting solutions. 

Highlights and key areas of focus

The Roadshow’s ambition from the beginning has been to collaborate and engage with customers, government, NGOs and media on challenges facing Africa. This has included - mother and child care, the rise of non-communicable diseases, energy efficient LED and solar lighting solutions, as well as shining a spotlight on the need for clinical education and training. 

Since 2010, the Roadshow has evolved and advanced considerably, however the ethos and focus remains the same. Over the past five years Philips has advanced many of its goals, and reached countless milestones along the way.

Clinical education and training

During the 2014 Roadshow, Philips and the University of Johannesburg (UJ) inaugurated a high-tech Medical Simulation Lab to support clinical education; providing medical students direct access to real life situations, and technical know-how behind medical equipment in a contained setting.