Econet Launches Digital School in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's largest mobile phone and internet service provider Econet Wireless has partnered the University of Zimbabwe in launching EcoSchool digital platform in a bid to boost the country's education sector.

EcoSchool, the digital education platform provides scholars and educators with on-the-go affordable and reliable access to world-class educational content.

Econet Wireless, services chief executive officer Darlington Mandivenga said there are targeting to register 70 percent of Zimbabwe university students on this digital education platform within 18 months. "So the 18 months give us something like four semesters and we believe by then we should have registered 70 percent of the student," said Mandivenga.

Despite a decade long economic crisis that has impacted negatively on the quality of education Zimbabwe is leading the literacy rate in Africa with 91 percent according to the latest survey.
President Robert Mugabe is credited for Zimbabwe's high literacy rate after he declared education a basic human right following independence in 1980.

According to the survey, low levels of literacy and education in general, can impede the economic development of a country in the current rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

Mandivenga added that the idea of EcoSchool went beyond simply making books available at a cheaper price for students, but was part of a strategy to help students and their lecturers gain access to materials and courses from across the globe.