BCI Launches New 5,000 Million Mt Credit Line for SMEs

BCI Bank offers a new credit line designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the amount of 5,000 million MT

, in a move that reinforces its position as the Mozambican Small and Medium Enterprises Bank and that arises in the context of its commitment to support a growing and effective way of economic and social development; through the provision of solutions of treasury and investment for domestic enterprises. The target of this new credit line are Mozambican SMEs that are current or potential BCI customers.

AllAfrica reported that the announcement of the availability of "SME Business Line BCI 2014" was made by the BCI Chairman of the executive committee, Paulo Sousa, at the 3rd "100 Best SMEs" Award event. This was a joint initiative of IPEME (Institute for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises and SOICO group.

The business line will allow SMEs to continue to have access to special conditions and truly distinctive financing that BCI provides for economic and social sustainable Mozambican economy developments, which reinforces its position as the favourite SME Mozambique bank.

Under this scheme, BCI has decided to create credit lines, particularly targeted to women entrepreneurs, SME suppliers of mega-projects and the agribusiness sector, enhancing the particular roles they play in the effort of creating conditions that promote economic growth in Mozambique.