Impressive 67 per cent of Mobile Phones Sold in Kenya are Smartphones

100,000 Smartphones are sold each month in Kenya, making it a leading market for Smartphones in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This can be attributed to the infrastructure setup, cheap internet costs and low cost of entry level Smartphones, AllAfrica reports. Prices for these kinds of phones in the region have been known to go as low as $50, this of course reflects on the mobile carrier revenues who see increased growth of data consumption in the country.

Kenya has seen an impressive 67 per cent Smartphone takeover in the mobile phone market, compared to the total mobile phone sales in the market. This data comes from Safaricom, the largest mobile carrier in Kenya which is both the largest devices retail and has over an 85 per cent market-share.

"Safaricom will continue championing for the increased penetration of Smartphones from the current 67 per cent with a view to enabling more Kenyans to take advantage of the increasing solutions available for business and personal phones through the devices," said Peter Arina, General Manager for the Consumer Business unit of Safaricom.

With the Smartphone numbers expected to double in the next two years for the Kenyan and African markets, growth has been secured for the next generation technologies. Therefore, competition will be hotly contested, with new ideas entering the market in order to appeal to the ever-changing face of customers and the demand for technology of this calibre.