New Trade Agreement Signed Between Rwanda and Ghana

Trade and investments between Ghana and Rwanda could be boosted thanks to a new trade agreement signed between Rwanda's private sector and Ghana's Chamber of Commerce in Accra.

The deal involves scaling up business investments and joint partnerships in sectors such as mining, tourism, agro-processing, real estate and textile manufacturing, seeking to eliminate trade barriers between the two countries.

"The need to promote trade investments between the two counties is imperative, not only for economic development, but also poverty reduction between the two countries," President of Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Seth Adjei Baah said in a statement.

"We know that Rwanda has become exceptional in doing business and Ghana is endowed with natural resources. Therefore, merging these two ingredients will not only foster trade between Rwanda and Ghana, but also boost intra-trade across the African continent," Adjei Baah emphasised.

He also explained that the Government of Ghana was willing to facilitate Rwandan entrepreneurs interesting in conducting business with their Ghanaian counterparts.

The Chairperson of the Rwanda Private Sector, Benjamin Gasamagera, said the initiative will not only correct the trade imbalances that exist between the two countries, but also boost socio-economic relationships between the two business communities.

"The development of the African continent will be driven by the private sector. Bringing together members of the private sectors from different regions will therefore create an enabling environment where business opportunities, challenges and experiences will be shared,; and new innovations and ideas brought to the fore."