Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Calls for Stronger Co-operation to Promote Tourism and Trade

Gong Jianzhong, the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, has called for a stronger cooperation between the two countries to promote tourism and trade.

Gong said during a public forum on the theme: "Investment in tourism in Ghana and in China" organized by the Ghana China Friendship Association.

"As we all know that tourism is an important economic sector in the world today. It is necessary for us to share ideas and experience to further promote the development of the tourism sector and strengthen our cooperation in this regard," the Ambassador stated.

Tourism in China has been one of the top economic earners over the last few decades since the transformation from closed doors to open arms, making the Asian country one of the most sought after inbound and outbound tourist markets in the world.

According to the Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare, Ghana's Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, in a statement read by Joel Soun, a director at the ministry, Ofosu-Adjare stated that there have been more Chinese tourists coming to Africa than any other continent and that she would support and encouraged ways to close the divide between Ghana and China in terms of developing the tourism, culture and creative arts sector.

"Every country in Africa is making strife to have a share of the cake. We in Ghana have seen the signal and we are making the strife and that is the more reason why this interaction is important," the minister highlighted during her statement.