Dangote Cement Meets International Standards

Dangote Cement Plc release a statement confirming that all products coming from their three cement plants across Africa, match the international standard and quality benchmark of a 42.5 grade minimum across the board.

The company's CEO, Mr DVG Edwin, said that Dangote Cement's compliance to global best practices informed the decision for the production of a minimum of 42.5 grade cement at all its factories, up from their previous 32.5 grade standard for local building within the country.

The choice was in reaction to the threat in early February by a coalition of civil society groups and professional bodies in the construction industry, who protested against manufacturers and importers of 32.5 grade cement.

A higher grade cement means a higher strength and it will set at a faster rate. 42.5 grade is the preferred standard among block makers, builders and construction workers for these reasons.
"Prior to the nation attaining a self-sufficiency in cement production, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) stipulated the 42.5 grade as the accepted quality to be imported into the country and all importers had complied," Edwin explained.

Previously, SON allowed for a lower grade for local cement production to that of the international. Edwin stated that the best way to ensure safety in the construction industry was to insist on the international standard of 42.5 to be produced and used in Nigeria.