SA President Praises Telecommunications Sector

Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa highlighted the remarkable progress that has been made in SA's telecoms sector.

In his annual State of the Nation address, Zuma emphasised the fact that thousands of kilometres of fibre-optic cabling has been laid to improve the country's communications amongst other developments.

"More of our wealth is created through the Internet or telecommunications. 37,000 kilometres of fibre-optic cable has been laid by the private and public sectors in the last five years. This will be significantly expanded in the years ahead," Zuma stated.

There are an estimated 30 per cent of mobile users opting for Smartphones, this figure is expected to reach 70 per cent by 2017. Plus, with Kenya's Nakuru County Government and State of House Digital communications office now providing free Wi-Fi to some Kenyan residents, there is little doubt that the rate of progression for technologies is one to watch.

In his speech, Zuma concluded: "We are proud of our successes in science and technology. As a country we have scored many successes. South Africa is a much better place to live in now than it was before 1994. We continue to face challenges. But life will also continue to change for the better."