Tailwind Solutions extends international partner network to Africa

Global provider of PIN Entry Device (PED) mounting solutions, Tailwind Solutions Ltd, has extended its international partner network to Africa, having concluded an agreement with South African payments specialist Touchpoint Payments.

In a statement, Tailwind Solutions said the new partnership "enables banks, as well as retailers and other merchants to gain the benefits of Tailwind's innovative range of PED stands and complementary solutions, with full local support".

With offices in Sandton, South Africa, Touchpoint has the ability to reach deep into many African markets with a range of services, including EFTPOS hardware, payment software applications, maintenance and logistics, management backed up with full capabilities for remote and on-site management.

Reflecting on the new partnership, Touchpoint's CEO, Quintin Stephen, commented: "With the ever increasing move towards greater security at the Point of Payment, Touchpoint recognises the market demand for an innovative, flexible range of payment device mounting solutions. We're convinced Tailwind is the only player offering such a solution to the global payment marketplace."

"Touchpoint's payment specialisation and high level of customer service make them ideal partners for Tailwind," said Garry Knox, director of Tailwind. "Our solutions meet an obvious opportunity in the wider African market, and we're happy that Touchpoint has agreed to lead our charge across the continent."

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