Internet usage in South Africa hits 14 million

Internet usage in South Africa has significantly grown this year, to be almost 14 million users, research conducted by the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) and Echo Consultancy has revealed.

The 14 million figure was derived from the All Media Products Survey (AMPS) and independently validated by Effective Measure (EM), the DMMA's official measurement provider for digital audience data.

14 million represents 39 percent of the adult population.

DMMA said it was good news for advertisers, as it reflects a larger internet audience than basic AMPS levels.

"We needed to provide our members with a more realistic view of the total internet population in South Africa. The validated figure of 14 million users is significant as it indicates that a greater percentage of South Africans are consuming media online than previously reported," says Jarred Cinman, Chair of the DMMA Steerco. "This has direct implications for the media mix that marketers purchase."

South Africa is Africa's biggest economy and has a population of more than 52 million.

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