Paramount wins Brazil supply contract

South Africa-based defence and aerospace company Paramount Group has won a bid to supply Brazil with police vehicles in preparation for the Fifa World Cup in the country next year and the 2016 Olympics.

In a statement the firm said Rio de Janeiro would use a number of its Maverick internal security vehicles to tackle crime and that they would play a "critical role" in the security infrastructure for both events.

Paramount added that the decision gave a "definitive endorsement of the capabilities of the vehicle platform that set it apart from other ISV systems".

"Brazil is one of the largest and most dynamic economies in the world, and in order to achieve its potential the Government has realised that it has to equip its security forces with the most advanced equipment in order to protect significant investment in its infrastructure and citizens," said Ivor Ichikowitz, the Executive Chairman of Paramount Group. "Paramount is very proud to have been selected to support the Government in this important role and is looking forward to being part of the growth of this dynamic country.

"Brazil is an inspiration to the world and more specifically to other BRICS nations, and Paramount is very excited to be a part of the remarkable vision of the Brazilian leadership and pleased to be giving economic substance to the very positive political relationships that have been developed between Brazil and South Africa both through BRICS and bilaterally."

The vehicles are expected to be delivered from next month in time for the Confederations Cup in June and Pope Francis's visit in July.

They will be used by the country's Special Police Operations Battalion and the Shock Police Battalion within the military police, and the Co-ordination of Special Resources battalion of the civil police.

Image: © Paramount Group/flickr

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