South Africa's Zuma to attend Kenyatta inauguration

South African President Jacob Zuma will attend the inauguration of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Presidency said on Sunday.

The inauguration is set to take place on Tuesday.

"President Jacob Zuma will on Tuesday, 09 April 2013, attend the inauguration of the President-elect of the Republic of Kenya, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta," the statement said.

Kenyatta won Kenya's Presidential elections last month.

His rival, Raila Odinga, unsuccessfully challenged the results in the country's Supreme Courts.

In their ruling, six Supreme Court judges upheld Kenyatta's victory and said the election had been conducted in a "free, fair, transparent and credible manner."

March's elections were seen as a critical test for Kenya whose reputation as a stable democracy was damaged by violence that followed the 2007 election.

Kenyatta, who is Kenya's richest man and son of its founding president Jomo Kenyatta, stands accused of helping to orchestrate the bloodshed and is facing charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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