Nelson Mandela leaves hospital

The South African presidency says former President Nelson Mandela has been discharged from a hospital following treatment for pneumonia.

"[He] has been discharged from hospital today ... following a sustained and gradual improvement in his general condition," the South African presidency said in a statement on Saturday.

The statement continued: "[Mr Zuma] also extended his gratitude to all South Africans and friends of the Republic in Africa and around the world for support."

The 94-year-old, who stepped down as President in 1999 and who has retired from public life, was admitted on 27 March for a recurring infection of the lungs and had fluid drained from them. It was Mr Mandela's fourth hospital stay in two years.

His lungs are said to have been damaged while he worked in a quarry when serving 27 years in prison for sabotage.

Mr Mandela will now receive home based high care.

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