The Final Word

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur entering your industry?

Jared Locklear  
Chief Operating Officer, Grain Bulk Handlers Limited
"Any business must start with a vision. It’s not an easy road and it is not an individual effort. Take time to create the right team, enable the team to grow in knowledge, empower them and enable them to grow financially. Acknowledge that change is inevitable and be the leader in the market for change. You need to be diverse and able to take advantage of technology. Ensure your processes are strong, continually improve and don’t forget to have fun. If you can’t smile and laugh while at work, then you’re not loving what you do!"
Ian Kasyoki   
Executive Director, Syokinet   
“To have a passion with purpose and be dynamic; tech is a fast-paced field and one needs to move with the new innovations that come every day. It is also important to have a thick skin for the business environment as an entrepreneur.”
Mohale Ralebitso  
Managing Director, Vodacom Lesotho
“Opportunities abound as we progress our local procurement empowerment and drive. It is key for entrepreneurs to bring forth unique and value-creating offerings that can complement the drive into the technology-communications space.” 
Vaughan Gerson  
Managing Director, FirstNet Technology Services     
“Innovation is key. Looking for the product or service that is going to differentiate you from what everyone else does is always the most important thing. Everyone will say that they can do things well, but it's the ones that can do it exceptionally well that will win the race.”