SABMiller launches cassava beer in Ghana

Global brewing giant SABMiller has launched a cassava beer in Ghana, a move it says will increase choice for low-income consumers.

The beer will be brewed by SABMiller's local subsidiary, Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), under the brand name 'Eagle'.

The move "builds on" the success of the world's first commercially made cassava beer' Impala' which SABMiller unveiled in Mozambique 18 months ago.

Mark Bowman, Managing Director of SABMiller Africa, said: "Part of our strategy across Africa is to make high quality beer which is affordable for low-income consumers while simultaneously creating opportunities for smallholder farmers in our markets. The launch of Eagle in Ghana ticks both these boxes.

"Eagle is aimed at attracting low-income consumers away from illicit alcohol. This is a virtuous circle: smallholder cassava farmers have a guaranteed market for their crop, which is then used to make consistently high quality, affordable beer for consumers; and the government realises increased revenues as people trade up into formal, taxable alcohol consumption."

Much of the cassava in Ghana is grown by subsistence farmers and there is an estimated 40 percent surplus each year, partly because there is little opportunity for farmers to sell it in commercial markets.

Eagle will be sold in 375ml bottles at a price point equal to 70 percent of mainstream lager. This is made possible by a reduced excise rate agreed with the Ghanaian government in recognition of the use of locally sourced commodities and the long-term contribution that Eagle is expected to make to agricultural and economic development in the country.

Image: © SABMiller

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