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Mobus Properties : Accommodating Accra and Abuja

Mobus Properties is a leading business in residential and commercial construction. We speak to Abraham Kofi Sam, Head of Sales and Marketing, about the company’s drive to develop housing projects and help communities across Ghana and Nigeria.

Marcus Kaapa Vivek Valmiki By Marcus Kaapa Vivek Valmiki

Woolworths : Ethical and Sustainable Beauty

Beauty and personal care needn’t come at the expense of animal welfare or the environment, as Woolworths is proving in South Africa. We talk responsible retail with Laura Naidu, Group Head of Technology and Sourcing (Beauty and Personal Care).

Jack Salter Vivek Valmiki By Jack Salter Vivek Valmiki

Office National : More Than Just Stationery

We put pen to paper on Office National, whose Management Strategist and Founder, Ryan Bidgood, discusses stationery and office supplies in a growing climate of remote work.

Jack Salter Vivek Valmiki By Jack Salter Vivek Valmiki

Uber Africa : Living Smart

When it comes to leveraging technology to provide innovative solutions in people’s lives, global giant Uber is second to none.

Dani Redd Vivek Valmiki By Dani Redd Vivek Valmiki

Compagnie Sucriere Senegalaise : Securing Self-Sufficiency in Sugar 

The story of Compagnie Sucriere Senegalaise, one of Senegal’s stalwart enterprises and most important socioeconomic drivers, and its bid to bolster food security.

Tom Wadlow Vivek Valmiki By Tom Wadlow Vivek Valmiki

Shayona Cement Corporation

For the best part of 25 years, Shayona Cement Corporation has stayed true to its vision of realising the development potential of its native Malawi.

Staff Writer Vivek Valmiki By Staff Writer Vivek Valmiki